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WebSchool package is dedicated by Watampone.Net to support the advancement of education in Indonesia, especially for schools that do not have allocated special funds to create a website. By this package you just focus in the contents and entrust Watampone.Net in server side. We guarantee your website will always be online with maximum condition.

The Price is Rp.100,000/month!
Backup database we provide periodically
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Our Services
Please choose one of our services below to suit your needs.
Watampone.Net will always provide the maximum service based on trust.

Web Design & Development

Do you want your business is well known over the Internet? Website Design should be optimal due to the visitor’s impression is arising at the first glance.

Watampone.Net provides a special service in web design and web development as a solution to expand your business through internet media. We will explore your ideas to get optimal results in both design and also in language programming which has become our specialists.

[Your Idea] + [Web Desain] + [Web Programing] = [Your Website]

If you dream of having a website, we will help you to make it happen.

Included in this service as follows:
  • Website Consultation
  • Website Design
  • Website Programing
  • Dashboard Administrator
  • Clean URL (Security Point)
  • Installation and setup on the server
  • One Domain that your want (*one domain)
  • Maintenance with 1 year warranty

Website Maintenance

If you don’t have any special IT staff to maintain your website, or You have no time and expertise to deal with technical problems on your own website, Watampone.Net could be a solution for you. Our team has qualified experience in maintaining websites including preventions of attacker’s attacks and spam, and also immediate treatments on effect of the attack.

Moreover, the service also include:
  • Ensuring your website is online 7x24 hours in a week
  • Arranging for domain extension
  • Managing for everything related to hosting
  • Managing if you decide to move to a new hosting
  • Installation and Setup on a new hosting

With the services, we guarantee your website will have a long lifetime.

Let us take care of your website and your focus on your business. Watampone.Net work based on mutual trust.
Linux Server Support

Do you need a skilled staff for your Linux System Administrator?

Watampone.Net have skilled human resources for installation, setup and maintenance your server base GNU/Linux, especially distro Ubuntu Server and Redhat/CentOS.

Trust us to handle your server. Do not let your server machine does not achieve your goals just because it is not handled by a skilled person.

We are ready for 24 hours server service.

The services we provide as follows:
  • Backup System by RAID (RAID0 or RAID1)
  • Secure Shell (SSH Server)
  • Dynamic Host Control Protocol (DHCP Server)
  • Network File System (NFS)
  • Samba Server (SMB server)
  • Web Server with Apache2
  • Database Server (Mysql Server)
  • Email Server
  • Proxy Server
  • Instant Messanging Server (Chat Server)
  • Server optimization and analysis

We are ready to work remotely or directly in the workplace.

Ubuntu Migration Support

It is no longer to use pirated software to run your business. You can use the Open Source and Free Software as a solution for internal use software in your office. Open Source and Free Software will guarantee a stable system and no longer require you to reinstall every time you face a problem.

We recommend using the Ubuntu Desktop as a solution. Good-bye "virus" and "blue screen".

We provide Ubuntu Migration Support services to help you to switch to a user's Open Source and Free Software by favorable migration techniques so that the old habits of your employees is not compromised. The method we do constantly adjusts to your needs.

Why do we offer Ubuntu Desktop?
  • Distro Linux is the most popular today.
  • Distro Linux consistently release new versions regularly (every 6 months and 2 years)
  • No more Virus
  • Easy to use
  • Attractive and elegant appearance
  • Supported by large communities
  • Free dan Open Source

What are you waiting for?

Continue to use pirated software or stable free software for your business?

Ubuntu Server Private Class

Do you want to handle your own server?
Do you want to become a skilled System Administrator?
Or do you want to explore Ubuntu Server?

Watampone.Net provides you head to head private class to learn Ubuntu Server with our trainer. This private class can be made ​​online or in person. We provide you an online server at a hosting in Indonesia to be used as a medium to practice and implement theories that you have learned as a final test on your competence.

The Private class topics on Ubuntu Server include:
  • GNU/Linux Fundamental
  • Instalasi Ubuntu Server
  • Secure Shell (SSH Server)
  • Dynamic Host Control Protocol (DHCP Server)
  • Network File System (NFS)
  • Samba Server (SMB server)
  • Web Server with Apache2
  • Database Server (Mysql Server)
  • Proxy Server
  • Instant Messanging Server (Chat Server)
  • Server optimization and analysis

After attending private classes, we expect that you are able to install, configure and maintain servers for both local network and public network based Ubuntu Server distribution.

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Customer Care:

Phone Contact: 0813 5496 6707
Email Address: Support@Watampone.Net
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