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WebSchool package is dedicated by Watampone.Net to support the advancement of education in Indonesia, especially for schools that do not have allocated special funds to create a website. By this package you just focus in the contents and entrust Watampone.Net in server side. We guarantee your website will always be online with maximum condition.

The Price is Rp.100,000/month!
Backup database we provide periodically
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About Us

Watampone.Net LogoWatampone.Net is a group of creative, innovative and dreamer young men which is engaged in web design, web development and GNU/Linux Support. 'Young' doesn't mean that we are new in this field; however we are young since we have spirit and professionalism. We are about 22-26 years old but we are experienced and it's our guarantee to fulfill our clients' satisfaction. As information for our client, the group of these young men has background of informatics and computer science and experienced.

Watampone.Net is a transformation of H17-Multimedia which was grown in Makassar. As time goes by, Watampone.Net finally decided to be developed in Jakarta, that is a center of National IT. Seeing a market opportunity today, we choose web design, web programming and GNU/Linux support as our core business.

If you need a service based on trust, choose us, please!
Service based on trust
We avoid a complex bureaucracy in this business. You should choose us in case you want a long-term cooperation. We will give you smart solution for your IT system, certainly with a low price. We will manage your website to exist as long as you want. Want to be free from license and viruses problems? We recommend you to use GNU/Linux since it is very strong for both server and desktop. You don't have to pay for special license to use it. The system support will always help you just by being our client, include applying specific method when migration. Therefore, your employees will not be shocked by the changes.

Our Business Service Focus
Watampone.Net service consists of two areas, namely:
Web Design & Web Development
Website publications and web application.
GNU/Linux Support
Handle for GNU/Linux Server, migration or training

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Customer Care:

Phone Contact: 0813 5496 6707
Email Address: Support@Watampone.Net
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